Lake view park rawal dam islamabad

Recreational Rawal Lake View Park Rawal Dam Islamabad


Lake View Park Rawal Dam Islamabad is also known as Rawal Lake View Park. The park was built and renovated in 20. The park has huge gardens and grassy areas where one can enjoy picnics with friends and family members. 

Besides Park has dedicated areas for different outdoor activities like barbeque parties, social gatherings, and sports. Resultingly the park has become one of the major picnic areas with friends or family.

There are small hills in the background and a nice view of beautiful Margalla Hills can also be enjoyed. A Viewpoint point also available to see the lake.

Lake view park rawal dam islamabad


Lake View Park Rawal Dam Islamabad is a picnic point and amusement park located at Rawal Dam or Rawal Lake near Malpur Village on Murree – Islamabad Highway. It is a 10/15 minutes drive from the heart of Islamabad and a 30/40 minutes drive adjacent to Rawalpindi. 

Fun Activities at Lake View Park Rawal Dam Islamabad

There are several fun activities available at Lake View Park Rawal Dam Islamabad. Activities and fun opportunities are available for all ages. Adventure sports can also be enjoyed by adventurous loving people. Activities available in the Lake View Park Rawal Dam Islamabad include wall climbing, rock climbing, quad bikes, fishing, train rides, horse riding, swimming boating etc.

Unlimited activities can be done at the Islamabad Lake View Park. One can plan a full day for a picnic and fun with families and children.

Following are the main types of activities available and may be enjoyed in the Park.

Bar Be Que

Bar Be Queue and other cooking activities may be enjoyed in the park. One can bring food and other eatery items with them to enjoy cooking.

Bird Aviary

This is the biggest bird aviary in the country and a large number of birds are available. Birds aviary is one of the main attractions of the zoo/park. This is a small bird sanctuary for various species of different kinds of birds. Kids feel really amazed by the bird aviary. Some rare species of birds are a real attraction for the visitors.


Different kinds of boats are available in the lake for the visitors. Tickets have to be purchased at different prices for favorite boats. Paddle boats are also available. Rodney boats can also be hired.

One must wear life jackets and safety gear if available for complete safety and protection for themselves and the family.


Fishing can also be enjoyed in the Rawal Dam.

Racing / Go Kart Track

F1 track is also available in the lake view park for ride lovers. Three wheels and 4 wheel bikes are available. Separate small tracks with walls/boundaries protected with tires are built for the purpose. Safety gear is also available to protect riders from major injuries. Besides dodging car rides are also available for adventure and fun lovers.

Lake View Park

Besides a restaurant for Desi food, there are a number of food stalls installed in the park. Visitors will have a lot of options for refreshments from these food stalls like burgers, snacks, etc.

History of Lake View Park, Islamabad

Previously, this area was an open land and parks without any care and maintenance. People used to visit the other side of the lake i.e. Rawal dam. Where no such facilities were available. One just visits the Dam and has nothing else to do. The government of Pakistan has decided to develop this area to make it a picnic spot and a recreational area for the residents and visitors.

There is ample space for paid parking in the Rawal Lake View Park Islamabad. The park receives an ample number of visitors, especially on the weekends. There is a lot of rush on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. In fact, sometimes the area becomes too Crowded on weekends. 

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