Lok Virsa Islamabad

Informative Visit of Lok Virsa Islamabad Museum Pakistan

Lok Virsa Islamabad is a Heritage Museum located in Shakarparian area in the heart of Islamabad. It is positioned between Zero point of Islamabad and Faizabad (junction point of twin cities i.e., Islamabad and Rawalpindi)

Pakistan Heritage Museum is just a few meters away from Pakistan Monument. Museum is located at a peaceful area and surrounded by forest and greenery.

Lok Virsa Islamabad Museum is a very big museum which consist of several halls. In fact, it is the largest museum of Pakistan.

Visitors must purchase a ticket with nominal fee to enter Lok Virsa Islamabad Museum. Tickets can be purchased from ticket booths built within the building. Ticket price is a bit higher for foreigners which is around 3 US Dollars.

Pakistan Heritage Museum is working under the Ministry of National Heritage since September 2002.

Pakistan Heritage Museum is locally renowned as Lok Virsa Islamabad. Lok Virsa Islamabad was started in 1974. Hence Pakistan Heritage Museum is also called as Pakistan Lok Virsa.

Museum describes all the cultures and colors of Pakistan along-with history of the region. It exhibits the complete history of Pakistan along-with ancient civilizations exists in the area. It also describes the cultures in the neighboring countries and areas.

All the details and exhibitions are through artwork of local artists and students. It displays the magnificent work done and artistic skills of Pakistani artist.

Artwork consists of figurines, paintings, pictures, statues, and traditional clothing.

All the artwork is organized in a very systematic and professional manner inside huge museum.

It even provides information about the ancient civilizations exists in the area as well as colorful history of the region.

Handicraft shops are also available / exists in the building to promote local handicrafts. Snack shops are also available in the vicinity of the building outside main museum hall.

One must notice that the fine artwork of the students and locals artists is really praise worthy.

Besides tourists may also enjoy live local music.


The Pakistan National Museum is a must visit place if you are traveling to the area. It can also be very informative & attractive to history lovers. Besides schools should also plan trips for their students and children to the museum. New generations will get a chance to learn about history of Pakistan and different cultures and ethnicities exists in the area.

Approach to the Pakistan National Museum is very simple and easy.






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