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A Symbol of Pakistan National Unity – Pakistan Monument and Museum Islamabad

Pakistan Monument and Museum Location

Pakistan Monument and museum Islamabad is a national monument and located in Shakarparian Hills near Zero point Islamabad. It is a few yards away from Pakistan Herritage Museum or Lok Virsa.

Pakistan National Monument Structure & History

It is a petal-shaped granite structure, symbolizes the culture & unity of the people of Pakistan.

The Pakistan Monument consists of 4 big petals which represents four provinces of Pakistan & 3 small petals which represents Gilgit Baltistan (GB)Azad Kashmir & minorities of Pakistan. 

Although all petals are independent, but also stands together, symbolizes the unison of different cultures across the country.

Standing together Monument covers 2.8 hectares (6.9 acres) of land & was inaugurated in 2007.

Petals surrounded a Crescent & five pointed Star of Pakistan flag. Star is designed in shiny black granite with golden stars, which represents the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for Pakistan.

Moon crescent is designed with stainless steel. Inner walls of the petals are covered with beautiful artwork depicting the various landmarks of Pakistan.

Nearby, a museum is also available which narrates the history and creation of Pakistan during different stages of the Pakistan movement. These two structures are connected by a large piazza. 

Construction workers were also honored by placing their hand impressions all along the long walls flanking this Freedom Plaza on both the sides.

It’s a place worth visiting & the main tourist attraction in Islamabad. Pakistan Monument opens onto a marble terrace giving a panoramic view of Islamabad City. 

The museum closes in the evening for visitors and one has to reach early to visit the museum. 

There is a nominal fee to visit the place and easily approachable from any area of twin cities i.e. Islamabad & Rawalpindi.

Besides conventional taxi & local transport, one can also hire services like Uber / Careem as well as Bykea (Ride-hailing services). 


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