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Sambak Sar Lake: A High Altitude Gem in Kaghan’s Majestic Valley

Sambak translates to “rocky wall,” and Sar denotes a lake. Sambak Sar Lake remains frozen for six out of the twelve months, and for the remaining three months, it offers a mesmerizing view with transparent water. Even in its frozen state, the lake exhibits remarkable beauty. It’s easily accessible with just a 20-minute walk, situated at an altitude of 13,700 feet above sea level, ranking among the stunning lakes in Naran Kaghan.

This lake earns the name due to the encircling stone wall. The elevation of these stunning lakes leads to their frozen state from late July through September, unveiling their captivating green allure.

Location of Sambaksar Lake

Located in close proximity to Dharamsar Lake, Sambaksar Lake in Kaghan, Pakistan, can be reached within a short distance, both are accessible via the same route.

The Lake in Kaghan, Pakistan, sits directly across from Babusar Top, offering a visible location from this vantage point.

A jeep track descends into the valley just before reaching Babusar Top. This track runs close to Dharam Sar lake, situated alongside the road, while the lake requires a one-hour walk from this spot.

Height of SambakSar Lake

Sambak Sar Lake, situated at an elevation of 13,700 feet, graces the Upper Kaghan Valley with its presence.

Found beyond Naran in the Kaghan Valley, the journey to the Lake begins from Basel. A slight detour from the well-known Dudipatsar Lake track leads to Sembaksar Lake and Dharamsar. Notably larger than Dharamsar Lake, the Lake retains its icy presence well into August or September, as the water doesn’t entirely thaw during these months.

Tourism in Sambak Sar Lake

Travelers should seize the opportunity to explore these stunning natural destinations, capturing their beauty through the lens of their cameras. These breathtaking landscapes serve as a testament to Pakistan‘s incredible natural blessings. Sharing these wonders with the world showcases nature’s kindness and magnificence in Pakistan.

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