sambak sar lake kaghan pakistan

1 of the Hidden Beauties of Kaghan Valley – Sambak Sar Lake Kaghan Pakistan

Sambak means rocky wall and Sar means lake, this lake remains frozen for 6 months out of 12 months and for 3 months the water makes transparent water with its view, the frozen lake also looks very beautiful, more dots to it. No need, just a 20 minute walk and the lake is 13,700 feet above sea level. One of the beautiful lakes of Naran Kaghan.

Sambaksar Lake Kaghan Pakistan comes here from a very short distance from Dharamsar Lake. Yes, you can see both on the same road. Sambak is called a wall of stones and Sar means a lake.

This lake is called Sambaksar because it is surrounded by a stone wall. Due to their height, both beautiful lakes are frozen from late July to September Their green beauty is visible.

Location of Sambak Sar Lake Kaghan Pakistan

Sambak Sar Lake Kaghan Pakistan is located in front of Babusar Top and its location is visible from Babusar Top as well.

Just before reaching Babusar Top, a jeep track descends in the valley. The jeep track passes near Dharam Sar lake which is on the side of the road while Sambak Sar is 1 hour walk from this place.

Height of Sambak Sar Lake Kaghan Pakistan

Sambak Sar Lake is located at 13,700 feet in the Upper Kaghan Valley.

Sambaksar Lake is beyond Naran in the Kaghan Valley. the track starts from basel – a little diversion from the famous track to dudipatsar lake takes you to samabsar lake and dharamsar – samaksar is bigger than dharamsar lake and the water in the lake doesn’t even melt completely in August/September.

Tourism in Sambak Sar Lake

Travelers must come and explore all these beautiful natural scenic tourist destinations and capture them in your cameras eyes and tell the whole world about them how nature is kind to Pakistan.

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