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Barah Valley Khaplu: Unveiling Nature’s Canvas

Barah Valley Khaplu, Ghanche area is very famous for its beauty. Barah Valley Khaplu is known as the center of fish farms in Ghanche. This valley has a large number of fish farms. The lake at the top of Barah is very famous.

Location of Barah Valley Khaplu

Barah Valley is a village in Gilgit Baltistan. The Barah Valley is 100 km from Skardu to the east. The valley is located on the banks of the Shyok River in Khaplu (Ghanche District) in Baltistan.

The people are Balti and mostly belong to the Noorbakshia and Sunni sects of Islam.

There are many natural springs in Barah. Barah women are more industrious than anywhere else in Baltistan. Barah is one of the most densely populated Ghanche villages. This valley has more hotel professionals.

It is a 20-minute drive from Khaplu town. Next to this majestic valley flows the River Indus. This village is among the unexplored gems of Khaplu.

Barah Valley Khaplu is famous for:

  • Fish farms
  • Fresh and natural springs of water
  • Professionals in the field of cooking and hospitality

Barah Valley Khaplu is not only famous for its natural herbs and dry fruits but also surprises with its beautiful and charming aesthetic aspects.

This beautiful valley is located in the neighborhood of Khaplu (Ghanche district), 100 km from the city of Skardu, Pakistan, Baltistan in the east. It will take 2 hours by jeep from Skardu to Barah Valley. It reaches approximately 2,600 meters above sea level. It is located 5 km from Khaplu Valley.

People of Barah Valley Khaplu

The residents are very simple, industrious, and hospitable. They mostly live a purely organic lifestyle. Their culture and festivals are unique. Besides, you can appreciate the beauty of this valley only after seeing its natural landscape.

There are lots of gardens and apricots grow like weeds. Locals claim that Barah produces the best apricots in the country and there are over 40 varieties! Barah Valley is a beautiful place on the left bank of the Shyok River. Known for its apricot trees and stunning scenery, it is the perfect place to start the Moses Peak trek.

Once at the top, you can admire the panorama of the entire region and the surrounding mountains. You can see Nanga Parbat even on a clear day. Different views in summer and winter delight the heart and you have the opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty in every direction. Some places in this valley are still hidden from the people of the world.

Tourist Attractions

  1. Moses Peak (Barah Broq)
  2. Double Waterfall (Braq Bu)
  3. Pure Organic Village in Barah Valley (Ghaljin, ltanobroq)
  4. Baras Pari (view of Barah valley)
  5. The beautiful Gondail and the freshwater stream of the Barah Valley

Barah Valley: Land of Aprocit and Trout Fish

The Barah Valley, Khaplu is famous for the variety of apricot trees throughout Baltistan. There is a separate beauty in the flowering period of apricots as well as in the ripening period. Whenever you come there during the ripening season of apricots, you will find an interesting thing there are so many apricots on the tree that the tree does not break the branches and the branches bend to the ground and are in danger of breaking off again. When this happens, people pick it up with sticks.

Apart from apricots, it is also popular in Baltistan due to the presence of mainly trout. 2.3 The fish molds are there, you can visit and buy them at any time. Local name Rainbowfish (Trout) Fish are also present in common canals and lakes, when you go fishing on the river bank, it seems easy.

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