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Bari La Lake Deosai: Exploring the Pristine Alpine Beauty of Deosai, Pakistan

Bari La Lake deosai is a breathtaking alpine lake nestled in the Deosai National Park in Pakistan. Deosai is one of the highest plateaus in the world, and bari la lake deosai is situated at an altitude of over 4,000 meters above sea level. Bari la lake Deosai is surrounded by towering mountains and vast meadows, making it a paradise for nature lovers.

Altitude of Bari La Lake Deosai

Bari La Lake Deosai is a high mountain pass at an altitude of 4,721 m (15,488 ft) above sea level, located in the North Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan. It is one of the highest roads in the country. Bari la lake Deosai

Nestled in the Deosai National Park, the road to the top is completely unpaved, narrow and very scary. It is known as Bari La Road. Not recommended unless you know how to reverse. High clearance 4×4 vehicles only. Bike recommended. Starting from Saigar, the trek to the top is 38 km (23 mi). This pass is usually opened for 2-3 months from July to September. This line connects Deosai with Gultri Shengo Shigar area. There are a variety of birds, plants, animals and flowers along the way.

 “La” is a Baltic word for a mountain pass and Bari La is a historical pass that connects Skardu and Shingo ShigarBari la lake Deosai

The journey to Bari La Lake Deosai is an adventure in itself. The road leading to the lake is narrow and winding, and the drive can be challenging. However, the stunning views of the landscape along the way are worth the effort.

Upon reaching the lake, visitors are greeted by crystal clear waters that reflect the surrounding mountains. The lake is surrounded by lush greenery, and during the summer months, colorful wildflowers add to the beauty of the landscape. The serene atmosphere of the lake is perfect for those seeking peace and tranquility. Bari la lake Deosai

Complete Travel Route to Bari la Deosai

A complete Deosai travel route for tourists and travelers that covers every corner of Deosai,; its nearby hidden areas, GultariMinimargRainbow lake Domel and Mini Deosai. After repelling the rough road from Skardu to Deosai, the road bifurcates at the top of Deosai. The road to the left is called ‘Bari Laa’ (locally middle/underwater road) which leads towards Gultari. Gultari is a 6-hour trek along the Bari Laa route from Deosai Peak.

Deosai to Bari La Lake

Bari Laa is the highest point of Deosai. Bari Laa top is home to 5 mini lakes. More than 95% of tourists have never touched this area simply because of the lack of guidance and the harshness of the path. Bari la lake Deosai

Bari Laa via Dudial and Matial villages along the crystal clear river to Faranshat. Faranshat is a military area. Deosai to PWD Guesthouse of Faranshat is a free zone. Maneuvering in this area without entry clearance is not permitted. This path again splits into two branches; the left route goes to Gultari Shakma which is part of the LoC and does not allow anyone to visit there. The right side of the route will connect you to Gultari Khas, locals and tourists who have entry permit can only go to Gultari Khas.

Deosai to Murtaza Top

The other way to Gultari is from Murtaza peak. Follow Deosai road from Skardu to Kala Pani before reaching Sheosar lake. The path splits into two, one leads to Murtaza peak which is 2 to 2.5 hours journey from Deosai. The other name of Murtaza peak is Mini Deosai, very famous for its amazing view of nature. From the top of Murtaza to move forward to Gultari or Minimarg requires an entry permit. A permit is required to enter these border areas.

From the top of Murtaza, two branches of Gultari and Minimarg roads connect. A left turn joins Gultari. The time required to reach Gultari from Murtaza Peak is approx. 45 minutes. The right turn leads to the top of Buzdil and then the same route leads to Minimarg.

Deosai to Burzil Top

The appropriate way is to go to Chilim, it takes 1 hour to walk to Burzil peak from Chilim. Burzil top to Minimarg 80 Brigade Headquarters (Pakistan Army) is within 30 minutes. You need a permit from headquarters to enter Domel Rainbow Lake. Rainbow lake is one of the most recognized tourist spots of Domel Minimarg. which is a 30-minute drive from the Minimarg headquarters. Minimarg Kamri is also part of the LoC as is Gultari Shakma and no one is allowed there. Bari la lake Deosai

After entering Deosai and crossing the Ali Malik Top traverse, you will continue on winding dirt roads to reach this junction marked with the sign “GB-PWD Bari La” with distances to various Gultari villages. Sheosar is a destination for tourists and many a Toyota TZ has zipped along the way. We were on their tail and they threw up clouds of dust that blocked our view and covered our bodies in a thick layer of fine Deosai dust particles. We throttled our bikes and soon passed them and turned left on the Bari La road. The road here is a regular zigzag, as if pulled by a huge reptile crawling around the place. Bari la lake Deosai

We took the road less traveled. We were on a gutted dirt road that made our bike’s suspension go to the tune. Stones shoot out of the tires and bounce off the wheel chamber. Sometimes a Himalayan marmot crossed the road, perhaps to take refuge in its wake and see us aliens crossing their territory. Deosai lacks the features of a proper valley as it is a plateau, yet it carries some other features where cliffs appear quite often and send down streams that give life to the many life forms below. However, we were disgusted to encounter these currents which are the lifeline of Deosai – as they were anathema to the fulfillment of our travel ambitions. It was wreaking havoc with our bike suspension and our bikes were getting stuck when it reached these intermittent streams flooding the gutted roads in many different places.

We persevered and soon arrived at the ‘Lhas’ (summer grazing farm) managed by the Katisho Kharmang community. We were dehydrated and stumbled towards the spring which was a few steps down ‘Katisho Lhas’. We cupped our hands to catch the water and gulped until our thirst was quenched. After exchanging greetings with the shepherds, one of them was kind enough to offer us ‘lassi’ (buttermilk). We went inside one of the stone houses they had built and accepted their invitation. It is one of the most modest houses you will ever come across in the world! But those who inhabit these spaces are some of the most generous of people. Climate change has reached even these remotest corners and they are bemoaning this state of affairs – apparently unaware of the causes and what the coming years have in store for them. We chatted for a while and said goodbye to them as the road ahead was more challenging.

Our next stop was Bari La. A natural watershed draws the boundaries of Deosai and Shingo Shigar. Shingo Shigar has important historical value as it is one of the routes used by caravans and invading armies into Baltistan. It is said that in 1841, when Zorawar Singh died, the deposed ruler of Skardu, Raja Ahmed Shah, led a rebellion. Rulers from various fiefs of Baltistan united to arrest and imprison Bhawgwan Singh, the Dogra Thanedar of Skardu. To quell this rebellion, Gulab Singh, the Maharaja of Kashmir, sent a well-equipped force of 3,000 under Wazir Lakhpat of Kishtwar. He reached Kargil and through Dras river he reached Baltistan through Shingo Shigar. He may have used the same route as us. After a brief skirmish at Shingo, Shigar marched into Baltistan and put down the rebellion. He arrested all the local rajas and also destroyed the fort of Kharpoche; many noble men of Baltistan were hanged on his orders. Bari la lake Deosai

Bari La is mysterious in many ways. These passes were terrifying places that claimed countless lives. There are almost always dark clouds hovering here. As we entered its vicinity, we were met by a torrential downpour. Our wheels began to slide and the occasional creek crossing left us soaked in water that sent chills down our spines when combined with the bone-chilling wind. We collected twigs and cow dung on the way and hid in an overhanging stone by the road. We made tea here. To our dismay, the rain turned to sleet and soon water started dripping from our little shelter. The raging wind killed the fire. We kept trying and finally lit it successfully. Juniper leaves came in handy because they catch fire easily. Tea goes well with donuts and kulcha, especially when you’re stuck in such a desolate place. We lived the moment to the fullest and enjoyed every sip of tea we took.

Bari La Lake Deosai is said to be the seat of apparitions and fairies that block access to anyone new to the place. It may be a way to thwart our offense, Hail continued with a hissing moan of air. It is a godforsaken place without a trace of a living being within kilometers of its radius. There are many cases of paranormal activity happening in the area. One of our friends had to spend a night here with his family and barely came back alive. He recounted a terrifying encounter with a supernatural being who instructed them to assume the human form (doppelganger) of one of the family members. They sensed the abnormality in the shape of a doppelgänger in time and rejected her offer to save the family.

We moved forward a bit and reached this bridge over the Shatong nullah. Bari La was in sight and we were in the land of the dead. We were in a bind whether to travel forward and reach the summit of La or return from there. I insisted on going ahead and reaching La itself, but better sense prevailed and we thought better of it.

Luckily we just made it safely back to Skardu without encountering any apparitions before dark!

Best Time to Visit Bari La Lake Deosai

Bari La Lake Deosai is also an ideal spot for hiking and camping. Visitors can set up camp near the lake and spend the night under the stars. The area is known for its wildlife, and visitors may be lucky enough to spot some of the rare species that call Deosai home. Bari la lake Deosai

The best time to visit Bari La Lake Deosai is between June and September, when the weather is pleasant, and the landscape is at its most vibrant. During the winter months, the lake freezes over, creating a stunning winter wonderland. Bari la lake Deosai

In conclusion, Bari La Lake Deosai is a hidden gem in the Deosai National Park that should not be missed by nature enthusiasts. Its pristine beauty and serene atmosphere make it a must-visit destination for those seeking an adventure in the great outdoors.

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