Domail Rainbow lake in minimarg astore valley

Rainbow Lake in Minimarg Astore Valley – A Hidden Beauty in Himalayan

Domel Valley is part of Paradise in the Astore region of Gilgit-Baltistan. That is to say, the natural beauty hidden in the Himalayan region of Pakistan. On the other hand, Rainbow Lake in Minimarg Astore Valley is surrounded by valleys, mountains, lush vegetation, streams, rivers, and tranquil surroundings. Moreover, the resources available in such a remote area are amazing. 

Rainbow Lake in Minimarg Astore Valley Location

Located near the village of Domel, not far from the Minimarg district of Astore District, Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan, Rainbow Lake in Minimarg Astore Valley is a small lake with amazing beauty. Mountains connected to the freshwater flowing from streams, add to the beauty of Rainbow Lake. The water in the lake is clear and changes color and shades from green to green at different times of the day.

Rainbow Lake Domel

Rainbow Lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in the world because of the lush green meadows. The lake is calm, peaceful, and attractive. The peaceful view of the lake is amazing. Camping at a lake can be a dream come true. The night is peaceful here with a dark gray sky. The lake should be a wild trout pool. Rainbow Lake is covered with flowers, which provide such a delightful vibration. Astore Valley is a tourist destination. People from all over the world come to see the calm, tranquil atmosphere of Rainbow Lake. The weather is very nice here. The morning and sunset are spectacular.

If you are planning to visit Rainbow Lake, other hotels you can consider are the PTDC Motel Rama, Dream World Hotel Gilgit, and Lounge. Rainbow Lake is the sky on Earth and is certainly the best place you can visit. The pool will keep you cool so don’t forget to check out and plan your trip soon to refresh your mind and soul.

Rainbow Lake is a small lake but lacks beauty at all. Supplied by fresh water from nearby mountains, Rainbow Lake has crystal clear waters that change shades, from turquoise to green at different times of the day. The lake contains a good variety of brown trout and is popular among trout anglers.

How to Reach Rainbow Lake Pakistan

Minimarg is accessible from Astore Kargil Road and from Skardu via Deosai National Park. Chillum Chowki is a junction of one road leading to Deosai Plains and one leading to Minimarg via Burzil Top. However, Rainbow Lake is not easily accessible. Minimarg Valley and Rainbow Lake can only be reached at 14500 ft high Burzil Pass. Burzil Pass remains closed due to heavy snow 7-8 months a year. One needs to connect a lot of details before going to this place. Possible times to visit Domel are June, July, and August.

Despite all the difficulties of traveling and communicating with the military authorities and the police one goes through to get to Rainbow Lake, it is worth the effort. Surely heaven on earth is where we stand.

There are Army messages in Minimrag where you can stay and spend quality time without any problem. Minimarg Road is the only beautiful Burzil Pass that is hard to cross. 

Minimarg is one of the many villages located in the Astore region of Gilgit-Baltistan. It is a beautiful valley near the world-famous Deosai plains. It is about 3,500 feet [3500 m] above sea level. According to Shams Paras Qureshi, a local journalist, the name Minimarg literally means the place where the “Mini” died. He said Mini was reportedly the wife of a British official who was a regional official during the colonial period.

“She was a very humble woman, loved by the people, so after her death in this place the beautiful village became known as Mini-Marg or the place where Mini died.”

But Minimarg is not open to general tourism, you need NOC from the Army to visit this area, as it is close to the Line of Control (LOC). Permission can be obtained from the Chillum Chowki army check post if you arrive there very early in the morning and plan to return on the same day they usually give you permission if you are in a 4×4 Jeep with the family. Or you could approach a senior official and ask permission to visit this beautiful untested heavenly region of Gilgit Baltistan.

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