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Sheosar Lake Gilgit: A Shimmering Gem of Deosai

Sheosar Lake also known as Shausar Lake is another Deosai gem in SkarduGilgit Baltistan region. Look at Chillam Chowki, finally west of Deosai National Park, where you find this amazing natural attraction. Lake Sheosar means blind, just as “Sheo” in Chinese means “blind” and “Sar” means “Lake”.

Sheosar Lake Gilgit Location

Sheosar Lake Gilgit is a mountainous lake located in Deosai National ParkGilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan. This lake is one of the highest in the world. It is located at an altitude of 4,142 meters (13,589 ft).

Length & Depth of Sheosar Lake Gilgit

Sheosar Lake Gilgit is reported to be 2.3 km long, 1.8 km wide, and 40 meters deep, which gives it a unique value in terms of size, height, and depth. Sheosar Lake, in the western part of Deosai National Park, is a delightful lake, the best place to visit as you explore Deosai.

At 1,450 feet [4250 m] above sea level, the Sheosar is a deep, jungle reservoir that makes its crystal clear waters rarely accessible on any side. In winter, Deosai Plains freeze, and the lake stays frozen from November to May. During the spring, flowering plants of all kinds and butterflies make Lake Sheosar so beautiful. Even in summer, just as the sun is setting, cold winds churn out the cold climate.

Access to Sheosar Lake

The lake is accessible in two ways. One passes through Skardu and the other through Astore District. The road through Skardu can be covered by a jeep in a few hours, however, if traveling, it can take up to 2 days. The second route is from the Astore region. From the capital city of Astore, it takes about 4 hours by jeep on a semi-metal road to reach Chilam, the last settlement near the plains.

Sheosar includes a unique section of mountain swamps which is a distinctive feature of the Himalayas, Hindukush, and Karakoram mountain cordillera. Wetlands are fed by melting glaciers from the surrounding snow-capped mountains and then drained into rivers and fast-flowing streams.

Things to Do in Sheosar Lake

The Sheosar Lake with its scenic beauty, crystal-clear waters, and tiny green mountains all around it is an ideal setting for camping. Camping is recommended on the north side of the lake in a large square area to protect the tents from strong winds.

A short drive east will take you to the Chakor Pass. Adventure lovers can go surfing. The lake is full of fish and looks good on sunny days. Visitors find peace under the clear sky of Deosai. There are no trees to make a fire carry wood and light gloves or any insect repellent. 

Pakistan’s Sheosar Lake, however, is higher than any other lake, including Folsom Lake in California, Dal Lake in India, Maligne Lake in Canada, and Photosque Seven Rila Lakes in Bulgaria. Visit and explore the unseen beauty of Pakistan.

The largest lake in Deosai National Park is also one of the highest in the world. The lake is in the middle of the country, covered with wildflowers, and the background of the mighty Nanga Parbat from behind it on a clear day when visibility is ideal.

Sheosar Lake Gilgit is classified as High Altitude Wetland (HAW) which is the most important biodiversity as it supports biodiversity. Lake Sheosar is reported to be home to some 114 plant species. Of the many flowers that adorn the lake, there is Robin’s eye, Ragworts, Sedum Ewersii, Camanula (bellflower), and Thistle.

The heart-shaped Sheosar Lake, with its clear white waters adorned with colorful flowers at its perimeter, offers a spectacular view, making it an ideal setting for camping and sightseeing.

A starry night on Sheosar Lake Gilgit features a brilliant Milky Way with shooting stars, while the days feature the magnificent Nanga Parbat from behind.

During the months of November to May, the Deosai area is frozen. In the spring, the area is covered with a variety of flowers and butterflies. Many visitors come to the lake in the summer between June and early September. You can get a few cookies to give you drinks, snacks, and tea. However, to go camping and spend the night, take food once.

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