Kutwal Lake trek. Haramosh Valley

Kutwal Lake’s Mesmerizing Aura: Jewel of the Hills

Kutwal Lake, found in the Haramosh Valley of Gilgit, Pakistan, is a hidden jewel in the rugged and inaccessible Himalayan region. A lake can be a stunning high-altitude body of water with waterfalls, cascading waterfalls, and beautiful meadows. A trek to Katwal Lake can be a challenging but fulfilling journey that takes you through some of the region’s most picturesque landscapes.

This amazing valley is found in the best region of Gilgit-Baltistan known as Karakoram. While visiting this best tourist destination, you can see the most spectacular scenery and the beauty of the road. A few spectacular villages within the region are protected by snow for most of the year. You can see a vast array of glades, woodlands, and snow masses, and most importantly, you get to visit the famous Katwal Lake.

Location of Kutwal Lake

Katwal Lake is a high mountain lake found in the Haramush Valley of the Gilgit region, Pakistan. Wadi Haramush is about 60 miles east of the city in Gilgit region. The lake is surrounded by some high mountains, including Haramush Top, Laila Mountain, and Dubani Peak.

At Kotwal Lake, 55 km from Gilgit in the Haramush Valley, the road leads to Sasi Town from where it takes an hour and a half jeep to reach the Barchi (dasu/stage) where the trek begins to reach. It takes two days to reach Katwal Lake. It is often a magnificent lake found at the foothills of Haramosh Peak at an altitude of 9,000 feet above sea level. The lake is surrounded by thousands of pine trees.

Katwal Lake Trek

The journey to Katwal Lake starts from the town of Haldi within the Haramush Valley, which is a three-hour drive from Gilgit. From Haldi, trekkers begin their trek through the magnificent forests and pastures that cover the lower part of the valley. As the trail climbs higher, the landscape becomes more rugged and desolate, with rugged and rocky terrain dominating the terrain.

After several hours of climbing, trekkers will reach the snow-clad glade of Katwal, which offers a breathtaking view of the encircling peaks and valleys. From here, the route reaches the shores of Kotwal Lake, a cool lake that shimmers with sky blue-green color.

The lake is surrounded by high peaks, including Haramush Crest, which is 7,397 meters high. The encircling mountains are home to an assortment of wildlife, including snow panthers, Himalayan ibex, and majestic eagles.

Katwal Lake Camping

The range around Katwal Lake can be the ultimate place for camping, and many trekkers choose to spend a night or two here to experience the typical beauty and tranquility of Putt. Camping sites are arranged on the shores of the lake and offer breathtaking views of the surrounding peaks.

As the sun sets over the mountains, the sky turns into a canvas of color, painting the lake and lake with hues of pink, orange, and gold. At night, the stars twinkle in the clear sky, making for a magical experience.

Conservation Efforts

The Katwal Lake trek may be a modern extension of the tourist circuit of Gilgit in general, and the region is still obscure to most travelers. In any case, there are concerns that the increased number of tourists could damage the local’s fragile bio-systems. Thus, it is fundamental to promote responsible tourism that minimizes the environmental impact of tourism activities.

Local experts and tourism offices are working together to guarantee that the region is preserved and protected for the future. They are taking steps to reduce the waste generated by tourism practices, and educating visitors about the importance of tourism practices.

How to reach Kotwal Lake from Skardu?

You can take a jeep direct from Gilgit or Sassi to Dasu city from where the journey starts.

From there two lanes diverge, one through Barchi village through Kotwal town to Vepan, Gore village. It is a decently challenging and steady climb.

The other route is through the town of Iskere, which can be a much better course with well-leveled national walks and plenty of climbing to soak up, but with plenty of diversions to catch your breath. Furthermore, you will cross the mini ice mass which took us 60 minutes

1-From Skardu you have to go back to Sassi from where the Kotwal journey starts. So it is better to start from Gilgit as Sasi is one hour away from Gilgit.

2-Jeep goes to Dasu town. 1-hour jeep ride from Sasi to Dasu. After Dassu, it’s all trekking to the lake.

3-Dasu can be a 3-day journey to Katwal Lake and back. It all depends on how good you are at tracking.

4-You have to bring your tents for the trip, there is no accommodation on the full trip. You can find small shops in Dasu Bazar.

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