Nagar Valley hunza

Nagar Valley Hunza: Unveiling Nature’s Beauty

Nagar Valley also known as Nagar Khas and formerly known as Broshal is a district located in the Nagar District of Gilgit Baltistan

Location of Nagar Valley

The village is located 15 km from Hunza Valley and 105 km from Gilgit City in the southwest of the region.

The name Nagar is derived from the Sanskrit word “Nagara” meaning city, town, suburb, or place of residence outside the city center.

History of Nagar Valley in Gilgit

Nagar is a former prince and one of the ten districts of Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan. The valley runs along the Karakoram Highway just north of the town of Gilgit. The valley is home to many high mountains, including Rakaposhi (7788m), Diran Peak (7265m), Golden Peak, and Rush Peak.

District Nagar was established with the division of Hunza Nagar District in 2015, and now Hunza and Nagar are divided by the Hunza River which marks the boundary between the two valleys. The main villages in Nagar Valley are Sikardarabad, Gulmit, Hispar, Challen Valley, and Hooper. The official languages ​​of the region are Burushaski and Chinese. Sixty percent of the population of Brushes are Nagar.

The Nagar district is officially divided into two Tehsils: Tehsil Nagar-I and Tehsil Nagar-II. All the northern villages of Nagar including Shayar, Askurdas, Sumayar, Nagarkhas, Hoper Valley, and Hispar fall under Tehsil Nagar-I, while the lower Nagar villages include Chalt Paeen, Challen Bala, Sonikot, Akbarabad, Rabat, Bar, Bard, Chaprote, Skandarabad, Jafarabad, Nilt, Thol, Ghulmet, Pisan, Minapin, Meacher, Dadhimal, Phekar, and Hakuchar are part of Tehsil Nagar-II. Burmese and Chinese are spoken in this region.

Places to Visit in Nagar Valley, Pakistan

The whole region is mountainous and geographically mountainous, but all parts of the valley are easily accessible. The Karakoram mountain range covers the entire region, of which Rakaposhi is a part. Across the Nagar region, 90% is more than 3,000 meters above sea level and 30% is 5,000 feet above sea level.

Paradise on the shore of the lake is home to many famous mountain peaks such as Rakaposhi, Rush Peak, Diran Peak, and Golden Peak (Spantik Peak). It has the highest peak in Pakistan called Rush Lake and is ranked 27th in the world’s highest lake. The Nagar Mountains are home to endangered species such as the Marco Polo sheep, the brown bear, the wolf, and the snow leopard.

Rush Lake, Pakistan’s highest lake and the 27th highest lake in the world is located in this valley.

Gulmit is a popular tourist destination in Nagar because it is home to beautiful mountains like Rakaposhi and Diran. Rakaposhi is also ranked 27th in the highest mountains in the country. The magnificent Rakaposhi is visible on the Karakoram Highway.

As you enter the region by walking along the Karakoram Highway, you first see the green meadows around the Golden Peak. Moving forward the village of Nagar Khas is just beginning to emerge and the region is famous for its tranquil life, with wildlife grazing in the grassy area. From Nagar Khas Bazar, in the center of Nagar County, the road to the north leads to the town of Hispar and another to Hooper. The area can be seen with its apricot, apple, and cherry fruit trees.

Mountain Peaks in Nagar Valley, Gilgit

Following are the Famous peaks in the Nagar Valley are:

·         Rakaposhi

·         Diran

·         Golden Peak (also known as Spantik)

·         Miar Peak (Miar Chhish)

·         Shiltar Peak

·         Alchori Sar

·         Hispar Sar

·         Kunyang Chhish

·         Malubiting

Glaciers of Nagar Valley

The Famous glaciers in the Valley are:

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