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Satrangi Lake’s Mosaic of Colors

Satrangi Lake Location – Satrangi Lake (Lake of Seven Colors) is located in Naltar Valley, Gilgit, Pakistan. Satrangi Lake is one of the six lakes located in the beautiful Naltar Valley. These six lakes are called Bashkiri Lakes or Naltar Lakes.

Naltar Valley is about 550 kilometers from Islamabad and 890 kilometers from Lahore. I am sure you have seen Attabad Lake, Lulusar Lake, and Saif-UL-Malook Lake, but honestly, the small Satrangi Lake is much prettier. The multicolored lake catches your eye at first glance and is guaranteed to stun you. The water is multicolored due to the grasses grown inside the lake. It is a fantastic place for camping and hiking. This lake is extremely beautiful and the locals now call it Satrangi Lake.

Location of Satrangi Lake

Satrangi Lake is located about twelve (12) km from the main Naltar Valley at altitudes ranging from 10,200 to 11,390 feet above sea level. It is a must-stop during your trip around Gilgit and Hunza. The best time to visit Satrangi Lake is in June and July.

During winters, it receives heavy snowfall, but in summers, the entire Naltar Valley turns into a fairyland, characterized by high peaks, glaciers, rivers, forests, refreshing streams, huge rocks, and Vibrant green fields have taken over.

satrangi lake naltar valley

Satrangi Lake, also known as Rainbow Lake, has an unusual palette of seven distinct colors—green, blue, orange, turquoise blue, yellow, brown, and pink—a spectacle not seen in most lakes. At dawn and dusk, the lake exhibits magical and unique colors but is best enjoyed on sunny days when it displays its full range of colors and breathtaking views. However, under cloudy skies, not all vibrant colors can be seen.

The lake is maintained by underground springs from nearby peaks. Despite the disappearance of the source, keen observers can see water dripping from underground slopes in some corners of the lake.

You can visit Blue LakePari Lake and Feroza Lake from some distance. The distance from Satrangi Lake to Blue Lake is approximately one kilometer north of Satrangi Lake. Lake Pari is just beyond Blue Lake. While a 45-minute trek requires reaching Feroze Lake.

Rainbow Lake is one of the lakes that make nature as elegant as the sky. You won’t be able to tell the difference between grass and water at a normal look because it looks like grassland at first glance. The water of the lake is crystal clear because of the colorful underwater vegetation that gives it this appearance and hence its name Starangi Lake means lake of seven colors.

After traveling for more than two and a half hours along a trail of rocks and stones, mud and streams full of adventure and anxiety in a powerful 4×4 vehicle (preferably on commercial jeeps for nominal charges or on foot if you want to camp somewhere) passing through dense forest and the torrential river (Nalter River) along the way.

The path without a path is much more beautiful but extremely bumpy and rough. There are a number of places where you can stay and enjoy the amazing nature like nowhere else. But it is only for those who can endure the roughest rides in the Gilgit-Baltistan region.

Make sure you have enough food or snacks for a day trip to Satrangi Lake from nearby Zeropoint or Rahimabad. As for the road, there are no such facilities in this area. Yes, there are some dhabaas offering expensive tea services along with potato chips for tourists. There are no washrooms here, but the preferred washrooms are near Blue Lake, not here.

You need to be very strong mentally to prepare for the rough travel on the bumpy, muddy road, quite large stones and streams.

satrangi lake naltar valley

How to reach Satrangi Lake?

Islamabad to Naran – You can use your personal or public transport to travel to Naran.

Naran to Babusar Top – Private or public transport is available.

Babursar Top to Chillas & Gilgit – Private & Public Transport available

Gilgit to Rahimabad – Both public and private transport are available

Rahimabad to Domel Village and Zero Point – About a one-and-a-half-hour jeep track. The road is good up to the village of Domal, but after that, the road is under construction. Hopefully, the road will be built by 2023 or 2024 at the latest.

During our journey we see countless machinery working on both sides to get the road ready by 2023. Then you will be able to drive your car to Zero Point.

The future of Zero Point promises many restaurants under construction and ready to provide first-class facilities to tourists. I expect ground zero to be a great tourist spot in 3-4 years.

Zero Point to Satrangi Lake – One-hour jeep route to Satrangi Lake and Blue Lakes. Every point of this journey is fascinating, so you will blink your eyes to capture all the scenes for a lifetime. There are many breathtaking views along the way to Rainbow Lake. Supernatural snowy high peaks, lush green meadows, pine forests, and crystal clear water streams will be a feast for your eyes.

satrangi lake naltar valley

The relaxing atmosphere of Satrangi Lake is absolutely touching. Birds are chirping everywhere, making relaxing sounds for the human mind. There are not too many tourists. The calm and relaxing environment will be a joyful place for every nature lover.

As you reach the lake, the scene becomes more beautiful. The lake has many different colors. After the visit, one remembers the entire life of the lake.

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