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Kharfaq Lake: High-altitude Serenity in Gilgit-Baltistan

Kharfaq Lake is a high-altitude natural lake located in the Karakoram Mountains in Kharfaq, Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan. The best month for tourists to see the lake is July and August. The water in the lake begins to rise in May and reaches its maximum level in mid-July. In the winter season, the snow covers the whole in its whiteness and provides beautiful views.

Kharfaq Lake is a natural freshwater lake situated in the Ghanche District of Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan. The lake is located at an altitude of 4,300 meters (14,100 feet) above sea level and is considered one of the most beautiful lakes in the region. The lake is surrounded by beautiful mountains and glaciers, which add to its beauty.

kharfaq lake Ghanche


Kharfaq Lake is located in the Ghanche District, which is a remote area of Gilgit-Baltistan. The lake is situated in the midst of the Karakoram Mountains, which is one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the world. The lake is fed by the meltwater of the glaciers and snow-capped mountains that surround it.

The lake is about 2.5 km long and 1 km wide and has a depth of about 70 meters. The water of the lake is crystal clear and is home to a variety of fish species, including trout. The lake is surrounded by lush green meadows and pastures that are used by local nomads for grazing their herds.

kharfaq lake Ghanche


The lake is located 2 km (1.2 mi) from Kharfaq village and is about a 3-hour hike. There is no road to the lake, but the road has been under construction for some time but was not completed due to lack of funds.

kharfaq lake Ghanche

The Kharfaq Lake is located in a remote area, and getting there is not an easy task. The nearest town to the lake is Khaplu, which is about 60 km away. The road to Khaplu is a scenic one, but it can be dangerous due to landslides and rockfalls.

From Khaplu, visitors can either hire a jeep or trek to reach the lake. The trek to the lake takes about 6-7 hours and is a difficult one, as it involves crossing several mountain streams and steep terrain. However, the trek is worth the effort, as the view of the lake from the top is breathtaking.

kharfaq lake Ghanche

Tourist Attractions near Kharfaq Lake

Kharfaq Lake is a popular destination for tourists who are looking for a peaceful and serene place to relax. The lake is surrounded by beautiful scenery and is an ideal place for camping and trekking. The lake is also a popular spot for fishing, as it is home to several fish species, including trout.

The area around the lake is also home to several nomadic communities, who graze their herds in the lush green pastures. Visitors can interact with these communities and learn about their way of life. The area is also home to several wildlife species, including ibex, snow leopard, and Himalayan brown bear.

The lake is famous for its native species of fish. The lake and its surroundings serve as an important natural biotope. The lake has thousands of trout and Desi fish.

Kharfaq is a village on the way to Khaplu on the left bank of the Shyok River. Kharfaq Lake is a famous place to visit in the valley. Khafaq Lake trekking is famous among tourists and nature lovers which is about 8 km uphill from the village. Once you reach there, you will be mesmerized by the beauty of the lake.

kharfaq lake Ghanche

If you go further up the hill, you can reach the K-2 viewpoint. From this place, you can view K-2 and some other peaks like Broad Peak, G-1 (Gasherbrum I), and G-II (Gasherbrum II) etc.

Don’t forget to take proper trekking kits or else you will face bad weather problems if the weather turns cloudy.

Kharfaq Lake is a beautiful and serene place that is worth visiting for anyone who loves nature and adventure. The lake is surrounded by beautiful mountains and glaciers, and the water is crystal clear, making it an ideal place for fishing and camping. 

However, getting to the lake is not an easy task, and visitors should be prepared for a difficult trek. Despite the challenges, Kharfaq Lake is a must-visit destination for anyone who wants to experience the beauty of nature in its purest form.

kharfaq lake Ghanche
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