Shahdara Valley Picnic Point in Islamabad

A Recreational Place for Visitors – Shahdara Valley Picnic Point in Islamabad

Shahdara Valley Picnic point in Islamabad is a place not to be missed as the water is good and cold specially in Summer season. However, the overall cleanliness is not so impressive. Visitors must realize that cleanliness is half faith in Islam and travelers must be cautious of not to litter in picnic spots.

You should stay in the water on chairs and beds (local name “Charpai”), kept in the water. The water is very cold. Summer is the best time to visit Shahdara Valley Picnic point in Islamabad.

Moreover, along-with pakora and samosas shops offer delicious tea. Take open-toed shoes like slippers and extra baby clothes as well as your snacks.

Shahdara Valley Picnic point in Islamabad is very crowded on the weekends while the days of the week are great if you want to feel calm. The family is safe there, some people also bath in water, but the family’s living space is usually not disturbed.

You should visit all the local areas and picnic spots and those who come to see Islamabad and the surrounding areas.

Cool air, hanging your feet in cold water and enjoying the hot and shiny pakoray is a great family time.

Shahdara Valley Picnic point in Islamabad can be described as an amazing place that flows from the mountains up to the wooden beds and chairs spread out where you are served hot tea and samosas.

One will fully enjoy the idea to visit Shahdara Valley Picnic point in Islamabad and will desire for a second visit.

This place has been used as a small refuge in Islamabad to enjoy a few hours with the family enjoying water and snacks.

Location of Shahdara Islamabad

Shahdara Valley Picnic point in Islamabad is located in the foot-hills of Margalla Hills Islamabad. Its access is from Murree Road at around 30 Mins drive. The road is not isolated but one does not lose interest. The valley itself is beautiful. A big chase is expected over the weekend with parking issues. Few tuck shops and tea shops are available for limited time on the first service.

A small stream of water also flows but it may not be as fun but entertain the children. Often, the extra rush is caused by single men and uncontrolled adults so be careful when traveling with families and children. Take your own food and seating arrangements. Keep the area clean and dispose of waste properly.

Shahdara Valley Picnic point in Islamabad is a town near the Margalla Hills in Islamabad, Pakistan. It is located around 7 km from Barakhao, 10 km from Aiwan-e-Sadr (the official residence of the President of Pakistan), and 15 km from Faizabad Islamabad. Shahdara Village is also located near Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad.

The Shahdara climate is similar to Islamabad: winters from November to February, spring from March to April, summer from May to June, the rainy season in July and August, and autumn from September to October.

Crowds of tourists flock to the Shahdara Valley Picnic point in Islamabad every weekend. There are many reasons why the Shahdara Valley is so popular among foreign tourists and locals. One of the best family picnic spots in Islamabad, this place offers many entertainment options that are suitable for everyone.


There are exciting activities to do in the Shahdara Valley. For children aged 8-15, there is a rock climb, where you climb a hilly area using stones as stairs. There is also a play area, with curves and rides that keep the children happy. For adults, there is walking and hiking in the mountainous region, while for foodies, there are many restaurants and restaurants that offer tandoori chicken, karhai and fried lentils. You can also enjoy a cup of hot tea with fried samosas and pakas sold by local retailers at reasonable prices.

The Shahdara Valley Picnic point in Islamabad covers a vast expanse of lush meadows, rugged mountain slopes, and an ever-flowing stream. You can take your car deep into the valley and enjoy the natural scenery. When they bloom, yellow amaltas adorn both sides of the rugged road, making the valley even more spectacular.


Visiting the Shahdara Valley is very easy. There are no entry fees. Located only half an hour drive from the Bani Gala or a 20-minute drive from Bhara Kahu, the Shahdara Valley is far from bustling city life. The distance from Rawalpindi to Shahdara, Islamabad is about an hour and 15 minutes long.

Shahdara Valley Picnic point in Islamabad is one of the best places to come back for the weekend in Islamabad, you can take your car and dive deep into the valley. Try visiting the Shahdara Valley during the day and leave the village before sunset. Navigating at night can be tricky.

Aside from the haunted horror stories, there are wild and valley animals. In a recent article published in the local English daily newspaper, a leopard was spotted in Shahdara. There have been cases of cattle and goats being slaughtered by a tiger. So, there are a few things to consider before planning your trip to Shahdara Picnic Point.

• Keep telescopes to see any wildlife or leopard

• Wear comfortable boots, runners, or shoes as stones or a road may not fit your foot

• Store cold juices and cold drinks in an ice box

• Wear sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun’s rays.


After hiking, swimming, rock climbing, and camping, you will no doubt feel overwhelmed. But do not worry, there are many food options to satisfy your taste buds.

If you are visiting Shahdara, do not forget to visit these well-reviewed restaurants and enjoy delicious food.

The Shahdara Valley Islamabad or Shahdara Picnic Point is home to a family-oriented stream, located about 8 km from Barakhao and 16 km from Islamabad. In fact, it is a prominent freshwater stream, and it is located in the lower Margalla Hills.

In the Shahdara Valley Picnic point in Islamabad, it is close to having a beautiful picnic area in Islamabad, which is always a center of attraction and busy among tourists, families and tourists, especially on weekends.

Similarly, in the vicinity of this valley are numerous Greenery, Fresh Water Stream, Mountains, Rock Climbing Point, and the climate is pleasant and pleasant which is why people love to share their memorable moments here in a very new way.

In addition, every summer the nature lovers spend their time at the Shahdara picnic area, and have fun again, having dinner at the Shahdara Valley-based restaurant which is famous for its excellent service with delicious food, and location.

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