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Trek to Rush Lake: A Journey to the Turquoise Gem in Northern Pakistan

Rush Lake is a high-altitude lake in Nagar ValleyGilgit-BaltistanPakistan near Rush Pari Peak. At 4,694 meters (15,400 ft), Rush is one of the highest alpine lakes in the world. Trek to Rush Lake is located about 15 km (9 mi) north of Miar Peak and Spantik (Golden Peak), which are in the Nagar Valley. It is the highest lake in Pakistan and the 27th-highest lake in the world.

Rush Lake and Rush Peak are reached via Nagar and Hopar Valley via Hopar Glacier (Bualtar Glacier) and Miar Glacier which rises from Miar and Phuparash peaks. The trek to Rush Lake provides views of SpantikMalubitingMiar PeakPhuparash Peak, and Ultar Sar.

Trek Difficulty Level

The difficulty of Rush Trek is moderate to difficult depending on physical fitness and trekking experience. Since the trek requires crossing multiple glaciers, it is not safe to do without a guide. An experienced trekker can do the whole trek in 4 days, but it is very challenging. Besides the view of Pakistan’s highest alpine lake, the trek offers a view of Hispar Muztagh and several other mountains visible around the lake. Many people climbed to the top of Rush Pari Peak or Rush Peak (5098 m) to get a glimpse of K2 and other mountains of the Karakoram and Hispar La ranges. The view from the top of the mountain is amazing and worth the climb!

trek to rush lake

Day 1 – Trek to Bericho Kor

The first day of the trek is over two glaciers – Hoper (Bualtar Glacier) and Barpu Glacier. Ascent, descent, and discovery of the route take a lot of energy and time. It will take an experienced trekker 5 hours to reach the first camp in Bericho Kor (3,300 m). The campsite is located by the Barpo and Miar glaciers.

After crossing the first (Hoper) glacier, the upper level is called the Shishkin Camping site (not a preferred stop), fresh water is available and due to its height, you will be able to get SCOM signals. Many peaks are visible from this point which include Lady Finger & Ultar PeakKapel PeakMalubiting Peak, and Spantik. You move forward to cross the Barpo Glacier, which is very technical and difficult to cross. The rest of the trek is across meadows and very straight until you reach Bericho Kor. Fresh water is available at this swimming pool.

Day 2 – Trek to Chidin Harai

The second day of the trek takes almost 6 hours. This entire trek is very steep and challenging. The campsite is at Chidin Harai (4,440 m), located in a beautiful meadow with a stunning view of the magnificent Karakoram Mountains. On a clear day, Distaghil SarKunyang Chhish 7,823 meters (25,666 ft), Trivor Peak 7,728 meters, and Bualtar Peak are visible from Childin Harai.

Many people stop and camp here, especially if the steep climb lasts all day. Experienced hikers may be able to continue forward to reach Rush Lake and camp there.

Day 3 – Trek to Rush Lake

The third day is the final climb from Chidin Harai to Rush Lake. The hike is a gradual elevation gain and a 3-hour trek. Once you reach the top, you can see Rush Lake surrounded by epic mountain ranges and some of the highest peaks in the world. Camp and enjoy the amazing lake and beautiful mountains that surround you.

trek to rush lake

Day 4 – Rush Peak Summit or Rest Day at Rush Lake

On the fourth day, you can enjoy the whole day at the amazing lake and relax or you can continue the trek to Rush Pari Peak. You can also descend back to the camp at Phahi Phari.

If you decide to Summit Rush Pari Peak, you will be rewarded with some of the most amazing views. Visible from Rush Pari Peak are Distaghil Sar, Kunyang Chhish 7,823 meters (25,666 ft), Trivor Peak 7,728 meters, Bualtar Peak, K2,861 m, Broad Peak 8052, Gasherbrum II 8034, Glaci Lacier Lake, Biafo Peak.

Back from Trek

The return from Rush Lake can be the same way you came, or you can take a new route that takes you on a different and adventurous route that requires crossing the Mair Glacier and towards Hamdar Meadows. The treks will go down the slopes so bring trekking poles.

trek to rush lake

Lake Rush Hike Tips for Hikers

  • Water is not available on the trek so arrange your water.
  • The slopes are challenging to climb, but also brutal and difficult to descend.
  • Make sure you carry your medication, the altitude increases quickly and you may experience altitude sickness and headaches.
  • Pack warm clothes, jackets, and winter sleeping bags, as the temperature will drop several degrees at night.
  • Check the weather forecast to make sure you don’t end up trekking in snowy and freezing weather. 
  • Snowy weather at high altitudes causes the temperature to drop to minus Celsius. 
  • Do not attempt to cross the glacier without a guide. These glaciers move frequently during the day and beginner trekkers cannot cross them without help.
  • Start your day early to trek before the sun rises.
  • There are no shadows on the trail and the scorching sun will make your trek difficult.
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