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Angoori WaterFall Islamabad and Dam: A Majestic Wonder of Nature and Engineering

Angoori Waterfall Islamabad is a pristine valley covered with pine forest that lies in the middle of several tourist hill stations like Patriata and Karor.

The best part is that Angoori Waterfall is just 30 minutes from Islamabad by a very good road.

Angoori is like other villages facing Islamabad on the Hill track to Murree like Nilan Bhotu, Kotli Sattian, Punjpeer, and Prindla Bara Kahu, etc.

Angoori Waterfall Islamabad Location

Angoori Waterfall Islamabad is at a distance of around 40 km or 1 hour from Islamabad. Angoori waterfall is very close to Angoori village but if you don’t ask a local you will miss it.

Angoori Waterfall Islamabad is not actually a waterfall but a steady stream of water falling 10 feet from the small Angoori dam.

Angoori Dam & Waterfall Islamabad Directions

To Reach Angoori Waterfall Islamabad and Dam, drive towards the Murree Expressway and take the road that branches off to the right from the Murree Toll Square.

Then Continue on this Patriata road and at the sign that indicates “Federal Employees Housing Society”,  turn right into the hills.

You will also drive through the beautiful roads of Bahria Golf City.

When you reach the T junction, turn left. This will take you directly to Angoori Village Murree.

It does not show the cement road that returns to Bara Kahu in another loop. So ask a local.

Distance from Islamabad to Angoori Murree

Angoori Waterfall Islamabad is at a distance of around 40 km or 1 hour from Islamabad.

The drive to Bahria Golf Town is quite smooth and beautiful on the wide road. Cars, motorcycles, and even bicycles can easily get there.

Beyond the town of Bahria Golf City, the road narrows but is still well-carpeted.

The most scenic part of this place is off the main road that leads to Patriata.

A kilometer before the bridge there is a small turn to the right, which is unmarked. It is a paved road that cuts through hilly mountains covered with pine trees.

This turn or cement road doesn’t show up on Google Maps, but it’s there. Ask a local to help you get to Bara Kahu.

There are several natural streams and springs of clean water on the route.

There is a small bridge on the way, which is a few kilometers from the nearest village, under which a natural spring flows.

These places are perfect for a weekend of quiet and solitude and maybe even a picnic.

Upon reaching the waterfall, visitors are greeted with a stunning sight of the cascading water falling from a height of over 50 feet. The water flows down into a clear pool below, creating a perfect spot for swimming and cooling off in the hot summer months. The surrounding rocks and cliffs provide plenty of places to sit and relax, making it a perfect spot for a picnic or a day trip.

You can cycle to the village which is on top of the mountain, but I would not recommend cycling down the back wall.

It would be difficult to cycle on the road from the Bridge down.

The best option would be to have lunch at Angoori and return.

There are several shops right in the center of the village that offer food and supplies.

There is also a tandoor restaurant that serves wood-fired vegetables, meat, Desi Lassi, Chai, Daal, and Tandoor wali Chapatti.

Going to Angoori for this desi food would be worth it in itself.

There are two places in Angoori Murree where you can swim and see fresh water.

  • Angoori dam near the village
  • Angoori Bridge a few kilometers beyond the village

Angoori to Patriata Hiking Trek

You can drop someone off at the Angoori Bridge and then you can hike all the way to Patriata through the virgin pine forest.

From Angoori to Patriata it would be a 20 km or 5-hour trek.

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