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Shumber Waterfall – A Hidden Picnic Spot in Islamabad

Shumber Waterfall is a seasonal waterfall. The water level is high during the rainy season mostly in the monsoon. Besides, the waterfall is drying up. This place is not very popular as it is hidden in the hills of Margalla. However, it is a must-visit place. The beauty of Shumber Waterfall is unmatched. Trees and large rocks surround the waterfall, providing an eye-catching view. Further below I am sharing complete details about reaching the waterfall and also the right time to visit it.

Shumber Waterfall Location

Shumber Waterfall is located in Shahdara village near Barakahu town, between Islamabad and Murree. It is one of the many waterfalls located in the Islamabad/Rawalpindi area, including Bruti, Shahpur, Angoori, and Neela Sandh. Compared to some other waterfalls, the trek to Shumber is direct and family-friendly, and you can often see families having a picnic.

Shumber Waterfall Directions

To get to Shumber Waterfall, you need to drive to a small “river cafe” in the village and continue on a bumpy road for about 5-10 minutes; currently, the road is under construction but will become user-friendly once the construction is completed. After parking at the track, there is a 30-45 minute trek to the site, the first 20 minutes on a smooth road, and the last few on a rocky one. If the water is not flowing, walking along the riverbed is an easy, manageable option, and good trekking shoes will help you get over the otherwise slippery boulders.

Students of Quaid-e-Azam University often gather in crowds around the waterfall. They can be noisy and the area can be crowded, so visitors should proceed with caution if arriving later.

The seasonal waterfall itself looks like a natural water slide that ends in a cool, clear pool. Its source is Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and the water begins to pick up speed around March when the snow on the mountaintops begins to melt.

Although not very tall, it is surrounded by massive rocks and thick trees growing out of the crevices, much like a typical Pothohar waterfall. Now that the monsoon season has set in, the water level will slowly rise before drying up in the summer. Visitors either sit on the edge of the pools, swim around the pool, or dive into the water from the top of the boulders.

While people from Islamabad claim that the falls are not as breathtaking as the views of the Margalla hill treks, the waterfall and the path still have peaceful and enchanting views that are perfect for a short weekend adventure that is different from the usual weekend hiking. The landscape is still pristine and green, with natural beauty and very little litter. It is peaceful just to sit by the waterfall and listen to the sound of the gushing water and the chirping of the local birds.

Flora & Fauna at Shumber Waterfall

Shumber Falls was also home to some wild leopards that come to the pool to drink water at night. People have reported cases of leopards coming down from the hills at night to feed on the village goats. However, he also claims that feral cats used to be more numerous, but since humans cleared the area of natural vegetation, their numbers have declined significantly.

The Margalla Hills have been an important part of Islamabad’s landscape with many beautiful places yet to be discovered and explored. Places like Shumber, which are not so well known but still have great views and unspoiled beauty, are worth the trip. However, the adventure comes with a stark reminder not to litter, destroy the landscape, and disturb the local villagers.

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