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Bruti WaterFall: Discovering the Serene and Majestic Waterfall Nestled in the Margalla Hills

Bruti waterfall is one of the famous waterfalls in the Margalla range of Islamabad. Bruti has a great potential for tourism subject to added facilities by the local Government.

Bruti Falls in the Margalla Hills has many ponds. The ponds are clean and worth a visit. In the summer, most people visit it for swimming. This place is famous for Bari Imam Chilla Gah. Shah Abdul Latif Kazmi referred to as Bari Imam or Bari Sarkar 1617-1705.

He was a Sufi Saint of the Qadriya order from Punjab. Chilla Gah is known here as Loh e Dandi which also has a trekking trail from Bari Imam shrine. Bari Imam Shrine is located in Islamabad near Quaid e Azam University.

On reaching Bari Imam shrine near Quaid e Azam University Islamabad. There you will find a road crossing. Turn right which leads to Bruti.

Location of Bruti Waterfall

Bruti is located at a distance of 2-3 km from the shrine of Bari Imam. The path is now well maintained. It was rough a few years ago. But the new road is now built. In addition, you can go there by car or motorbike. A small parking area is also constructed.

How to Reach Bruti Waterfall

There is a small shop next to the parking lot. You have to go to the left and go next to where the stream of water flows.

Bruti Waterfall has natural water pools and streams. It takes 15-20 minutes to reach the Bruti waterfall from the parking lot. It rains a lot in Margalla hills during peak season or rainy season. This has resulted in the rise of water on all the hiking trails in the Margalla hills.

Bruti Hiking Trail

Bruti waterfall hiking trail is relatively easy. If you want to explore more, you can easily find more and more freshwater lakes. You will find many small and large waterfalls along the way, but they are mostly dry. During the monsoon season, these small and large waterfalls start flowing again.

In addition, some water ponds get their water from streams in the hills throughout the year. Currently, the management has established a water pipeline that brings water from natural streams. This water is crystal clear and ready to drink. Locals say that this water is served to the shrine of Bari Imam and the local community of Bari Imam.

This hiking trail also ends at Pir Sohawa Road from Dhok Sarra village. The journey to Dhok Sarra takes a maximum of 1.5 hours. From there it takes half an hour to reach Pir Sohawa Road. It is at a distance of 6 kilometers from the monal restaurant. Famous Dino Valley is also located on the Pir Sohawa Road.

Behind Monal, the Haripur District of KP starts. Haripur is famous for its lush green hills and waterfalls like Sajikot Waterfall and Umbrella Waterfall. In addition, the hiking trail is lush green and you will find freshwater streams along the way. 

In addition, on the way back, you can use an alternative trail that descends quite easily from Dhok Sarra village towards the parking lot of Bruti waterfall. 

There are many freshwater lakes near the Bruti waterfall. Most people visit the first one and come back. But if you want to enjoy it more, explore it. There are many ponds with beautiful scenery. The trail is full of beauty. Plus, there’s very little chance of getting lost on the trail.

The best thing about the water pools in Bruti Waterfall is that they are not deep. This is good for those who like to enjoy summers in cold water, even if they are not good swimmers. The depth is not more than 3-4 feet.

You can also see small fish in the water ponds. These fish can give you a fish massage. It’s not exactly fish for a pedicure, but one can relax with the feeling. In most countries, fish pedicures are very popular and people pay a lot of money for them. But this is how you do it naturally at the Bruti waterfall.

There are many campsites available at Bruti Falls in Islamabad’s Margalla Hills. This is one of the best campsites in Islamabad.

The best thing about camping here is the lush green jungle and wildlife that includes beautiful birds chirping soulfully. Water currents add to the beauty of this place. This place has one of the most beautiful hills in Islamabad. Nevertheless, it is very easy to find a campsite that has soft ground with greenery. I enjoyed the camping experience along with my friends.

Keep the jungle and environment safe and clean and avoid litter. Do not light a fire in the jungle because forest fires are very dangerous. There are suitable places for cooking. You can bring food and prepare food there. But again, don’t throw away waste or packaging, rather take them with you.

Trails near Bruti Waterfall

There are three main hiking trails near Bruti Margalla Hills Islamabad.

  1. One of the trails leads towards the shrine of Loh e Dandi Bari Imam.
  2. The other, which starts near the small Masjid on the right, directly leads to Dhok Sarra village towards Pir Sohawa Road.
  3. The third is the conventional trail followed by many to reach the water pools and the Bruti waterfall. This trail also ends at Dhok Sarra village.

Bruti waterfall is at its peak in the monsoon season. As the hills get a lot of rain in the monsoon. This helps in increasing the water level in Margalla Hills Islamabad.

Another beautiful waterfall near Bari Iman & Quaid e Azam University is called as Shumber waterfall. The best time to visit Shumber waterfall is also during monsoon season. Because Shumber Shahdara is a seasonal waterfall that flows for approximately two months.

The most interesting thing is the remains of an old aqueduct that people from ancient times built from the Falls. The aqueduct was long gone, but the tool marks and cuts in the mountain face were unmistakable.

Bruti Waterfall Location and Directions

  • Bruti Islamabad waterfall is located near Quaid e Azam University and Bari Imam.
  • You have to drive to Bari Imam shrine, take a turn at the junction just after Bari Imam, and drive towards the Loh e Dandi parking lot in Nurpur Shahan.
  • Park your car at the Loh e Dandi car park and take a trip to the Bruti waterfall.
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